Reports on Rails, and what it can do for you!

Reports on Rails

reports on rails

Reports on Rails (RepOR), and what it can do for you!

RepOR will currently integrate with SunGard HE’s Banner (both Self-Service [web api] and Internet Native [command line api through job submission]) and Oracle Application Express (APEX).

RepOR has three main modes of operation: XML push-publishing, JDBC connect-back, and the cached dataset pull-publishing.

XML push-publishing is the primary mode for APEX. The normal way that Oracle’s APEX operates with “print” servers is that is stores the template, and at runtime, the XML dataset is compiled and sent to the print server, along with the selected template. The print server interprets both and sends back the result to the end user. Oracle’s default setup is with Apache FOP (based on XSL stylesheets) which are not very user friendly, or Oracle BI Publisher (based on RTF templates designed in Word) which itself is a pricey option. We split the difference, with a GUI style designer (iReport) and the power of JasperReports, we can provide an affordable option for Oracle shops.

JDBC connect-back is similar to most other reporting server implementations. Shared connection objects are combined with stored report templates to produce output on demand. These are typically run directly from the report server interface, but can be integrated as well.

Cached dataset pull-publishing is a combination of the previous two methods, combined with scheduling and caching. We can setup the shared connection data, combine multiple data sources from different systems or databases, program the reports against those combined datasets, and schedule the results, so that for very long running jobs, you can have instant access to the latest cached version.

Contact us for a Demo. Our live demo will be up soon!